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Welcome to the Circle: Out Now


You can preview the songs in the player above. 

1) "How I Feel"

2) "For the Millionth Time"

3) "Atticus"

4) "Welcome to the Circle"

Freakin' Friday Songwriter Series: Region

Buzz 219

LeAnn Stutler sat down with Nicholas Kazonis and Rich Jennings for March 12th's episode of Freakin' Friday Songwriter Sessions with Region Buzz 219. The interview consisted of a discussion on songwriting and what it means to have a purpose as a writer and creator, especially during such tumultuous times.
The interview includes live acoustic performances of "Atticus", "Welcome to the Circle", and "For the Millionth Time.

The Crossover: Region Media Network

LeAnn Stutler had the privilege of sitting down with Brooke McCartney for March 7th's episode of The Crossover on Region Media Network. The interview consisted of a discussion on songwriting, influences, a trivia game, and placing LeAnn in the Hot Seat.
Brooke McCartney is an up-and-coming radio personality under the guidance of Rich Jennings, founder of Region Media Network. You can catch new episodes on Sunday nights beginning at 7pm CST on Facebook or at

Region Buzz 219 Facebook Contest

LeAnn Stutler has been announced as the winner of the EP contest from Region Buzz 219. The results were tallied at 271 Likes, over 300 Shares, and over 7,000 views through Facebook. The video is now permanently home on LeAnn's YouTube Channel. 
LeAnn and the guys at Region Buzz 219 will begin recording 4 new songs for the EP, including "Welcome to the Circle" this spring. 
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