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The Geri Petito Show

LeAnn was recently one of the guests on the Geri Petito Show. You can stream the interview on iHeartRadio, Hamilton Radio, or YouTube! Listen to some of the songs, hear the stories, and get to know LeAnn (and Geri!) through this special conversation. 

'The Someone You Should Know' Podcast

LeAnn recently had the privilege of sitting down with Rik Anthony, host of the "Someone You Should Know" Podcast, to discuss her beginnings in music, writing, influences, and what life is like as a working musician. You can find it on most streaming and download platforms, or stream directly here. 

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Welcome to the Circle: Out Now


You can preview the songs in the player above. 

1) "How I Feel"

2) "For the Millionth Time"

3) "Atticus"

4) "Welcome to the Circle"

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